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replica rolexes status as its logo in China generally "crown" eternal.Because, "rolex" in the east as the main market, especially in our country's famous special ring, and there are a considerable number, has translated "lex".After liberation quite a long time, many factors cause people do not know patek philippe and vacheron constantin and Abby top watches, such as cognitive "rolex", only take it as the top table.In today's international antique table on the market, "rolex" particularly strong defensive force, such as dozens of yuan can "tao" in the 1970 s18KGold "bubble" table, quality good prices now2——3Ten thousand yuan of above, has a very high value, which is why collectors favor "rolex".

In the international market, an ordinary fake rolex watches from prices1000Dollars to15000Dollars.Although the price does not poor, but people still think that value.This not only because of the replica rolex quality is excellent, and because it has a unique investment value.Strong ability of rolex antique table "defensive".2002In Geneva in an auction, the last emperor bao dai worn a Vietnam1952Model rolex perpetual calendar watch auction was photographed in Geneva34.2Million Swiss francs (about at that time23.54Dollars), in yuan200More than ten thousand yuan.Explorer oyster type table is the first watch of Mount Qomolangma, is the brand's entry-level products, at a cost39300Yuan.

in20Century era of mechanical watches, imitation rolexes rolex has been the world watches the industry leader.Today, the craft and technology that still makes the fake rolex keep leading to watch.At present, rolex around the world20A subsidiary company in many big cities, the annual output of about100Ten thousand, sales ranks the Swiss watch industry leading position.

2008years12month30Day, the world authoritative brand value value research organization, the world brand laboratory at the"2008The world brand laboratory value of the year award "selection activities,RolexRolex with good brand image and brand vitality, named "China's most competitive brand list" award, wins the general customers generally praised.

replica Rolex couture log type series179160Ms automatic mechanical watch,Rolex)

Net friend: table got, packaging very atmosphere, very positive, rolex was good.Bracelet is a little long.Estimate the new table will be a bit long, need to the shop to change.

Rolex oyster type constant dynamic type179313-63133 NGGDAutomatic mechanical female table (Rolex)

Net friend: more expensive gas, luxury, also very have feminine taste, like it!

Rolex coupled type116613-LN-97203Men's automatic mechanical watch,Rolex)

Net friend: all say rolex imitation is the nouveau riche, but no question in its process, blunt oyster type watchcase, three buckle lock crown and unidirectional rotating outer ring, diving watches to buy immediately thought of rolex coupled series.

Rolex week calendar type series118238-118238.Men's automatic mechanical watch,Rolex)

Net friend: replica replicas rolex eta week calendar type118238-118238.replica watches eta movement mechanical men's watch, appearance looks very beautiful, it's really cool, you get what you pay for it.

rolexDEEPSEAA series of116660-116660.Men's mechanical watch(Rolex)

Net friend: water really is love, choose to choose a titanium alloy, friends said allergy, color is very good-looking, want to buy will buy some be worthy of yourself.

rolexMILGAUSSA series of116400Men (black) automatic mechanical watch,Rolex)

Net friend: insurance card and instructions must understand, do their homework.Very good after-sales service, unloading table section, measurement time, or very fast.

Wrist watch series:Deepsea

The movement type: automatic machinery

Gender: men

Case material: stainless steel

The strap material: stainless steel

Table size:44

Water depth:3900m

Profile:DeepseaWill watch for scuba diving record3900Meters, if the "water" is a rolex most is often about diving weapons thereDeepseaCompletely is a "sea monster".Rolex has always been in the field of advanced waterproof technology authority, in addition to the depth of waterproof is below the glasses,DeepseaSeveral other breakthrough technological innovation so that divers.RinglockSystemWatchcase structure can ensure the wrist watch in the thousands of meters deep sea environment under pressure.

Wrist watch series:Log type

The movement type: automatic machinery

Gender: men

Surface material:18kgold-Stainless steel

Band material:18kgold-Stainless steel

Table size:41mm

Profile: Speaking of gold wrist watch, "Jin Lao" is undoubtedly a lot of people in the heart not second choice.This rolex log typeII A series of116333Is this recommended only watch of wrist of a steel chain, for the table size41Mm, and ivory dial18kYellow gold ring are explained the people love of the most unique Jin Lao,18kGold with stainless steel bracelet design makes it extremely high cost performance, at the same time also have date display, waterproof depth can reach100M.

Wrist watch series:Di tong take

The movement type: automatic machinery

Gender: men

Case material: stainless steel

The strap material: stainless steel

Table size:40mm

Profile: mention hour meter must carry the "timing" rolex family series - di tong.This timer function can be accurate to watch a short distance1/8Seconds.Silver stainless steel bezel with outer scale speedometer, strong and elegant design, make the watch more unique is that the "da" is ringing sound.carrying4130Movement of sapphire table mirror, oyster type strap, waterproof deepness100M, outstanding performance.

Rolex forty thousand to five hundred thousand, the mainstream of the present price is widely suitable for the crowd.Basically see economic capacity, big cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing local people usually afford basic, but has a wide choice of big cities, in all nations, bao Po, product family, watch, Cartier, Athens, cheese with a strong offensive, rolex advantage is not obvious.Plus, rolex and all the nations, and he will start at about the same, replica rolex watches outshine others in the history has faded away.Rolex is better at home after a little, but omega after-sales is up now.Rolex watch belong to that kind of activity for everyday wear and can do activity is very good brand, such as water, explorer, yacht,GMTAnd di tong is very hot, but rolex to assembling a list of feeling.

Rolex is luxury watches made in Switzerland, its design, production, always maintain the traditional style.It's performance including fully automatic, single calendar, double calendar, waterproof, dustproof, antimagnetic, strives for perfection, especially the dial, table and strap, carved into the crown is a sign of its high quality.Because of famous brand watch the use of advanced equipment, high quality materials manufacturing, reached the processing precision, high finish.Real rolex watches, regardless of work, writing is very sophisticated, has a perfect feel, this is an important aspect of identify true bogus.

Fine outwardly replica rolex watch case, strap, crown, English words clear, complete, and replica watch shell coarse, slightly fuzzy words.Especially the bottom of the table, tooth, very detailed and clear, pure bright and have stereo feeling, and counterfeits coarse and no stereo feeling, tend to be lighter.Weight, really feel some heavy fact, false much lighter (note: but some fake also add a copper coil inside).it18KGold rolex watch case, strap, the real general from new to old gold quality, color, counterfeits14KGold or lowerKOn the gold or plating18KGold, but over time, will be back to primary colors.All over the sky star rolex, set on the table of the diamond are true, and imitation of a diamond is false.

Also has appeared on the market really watchcase, strap, Rolex replica watches movement off inside, so had better use special tool to open the table.Really swiss eta replica watches movement, a prize to the autopilot, movement with plywoodROLEXWords, also engraved with machine no. :1570、2135、3135、3035......, such as false.Really fine movement parts, basic lines clear, false movement is coarser.

In addition, remove the strap, watchcase lateral table middle ear type table factory of batch number, middle ear side table under the table number, basic no fake (some replicas also have, but not enough neat and clear);Rolex watches have a guarantee of quality, the top right corner there are more than two lines of the Arab word number pinhole deficit, neat and clear, and only one line of the needle Hole deficit, is not unified, not very neat, but not to tell, because the market is also false bond.


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