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Replica Rolex watch how so expensive

Rolex Replicas a famous Swiss watch brand, people who know the watch is not strange.But rolex high prices make some friends don't understand, rolex watches how so expensive?Home of the wrist watch will come for you to solve!

Price factor: brand, the brand is the actual level, for example, if you are calendar automatically all steel watchcase strap men's watch, design is the same: rolex eta replica watches offer 26000 yuan, while the TUDOR and OMEGA, LONGINES watch quotation may be 13000 yuan, 8000 yuan, 4000 yuan of TISSOT.Although the movement is ETA, when the price of the watch is considered by the value of the brand.Like AUDEMARSPIGUET, BREGUET, Vacheron Constantin, Patekpilippe, etc., such a big brand watch, their annual output is not big, so each basic up to 100000 yuan, the price of the watch is a real luxury watches.

Price factor 2: origin, watches produces state: Switzerland, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan), actually SWISS MADE is watch the quality of a tag.Only real Swiss eta replica watches, German clock can sell on price.

Price factor # 3: style, watches design is mainly to see the appearance of the two points: (1) the table.Including the watch case, strap.(2) the movement function.Precious metal case nature to expensive, particularly with platinum is the most expensive.With tungsten steel, titanium and ceramic material also more expensive, alien watchcase to more expensive than ordinary style.With real diamond or other gem jewelry watches, the price is more, such as: rolex dial set 10 small diamond than not drill word retail rolex watches offer higher than 10000 yuan.Remember!Watch and jewelry is different, it is according to the pricing model.If it is full of drill watch, such as PIAGET, the basic price in more than 100.Queen Elizabeth of England in 1952, he began to reign with the product family model diamond-studded and emerald watch I've ever seen, it sold 2.6 million, with 101 movement.

Now generally watch function is automatic calendar, complicated watches, phases of the moon, there will be a meter code instructions, the tourbillon, alarm clock, calendar, energy additional features such as a spring, belongs to the complex table.Complex table usually only big brands of watches, estimated prices are usually between 10-1 million.Prices appear to be and not too much whether mechanical or quartz replica watches, quartz watches are very expensive.Watches, mainly on the appearance of the value of brand and jewelry watches are the most expensive.

Factors of four: rare and artistic design, rare rare watch style tend to be the choice of horological collector, even rare style dial can become the selling point of the price, such as I have received an Arabic letters and computer disk all steel shell ROLEX watches, at the time, this new style of ROLEX watches offer is more than 30, compared too ordinary watch style, special the table design tend to have higher prices.Artistic form is mainly refers to the enamel painted dial or pocket watch shell, this table is mostly made by hand or hand-painted, yield is low, there is a called "recent Beijing watch factory enamel splint of the tourbillon rolex fake watches to sell up to 1.2 million.

Price factor of 5: authenticity, fake watches now, with each table first of all, it's not brand value, thus can calculate by parts price, that is: how much money a table movement, a shell and strap, how much money for those modified half-truths watch is a fake one kind, the price will be greatly discounted.

Price factor of six: appearance, watch phase includes movement condition and appearance of wear degree, whether if there is a fault movement and maintenance of organic damage.If there are packing is new, watches have specification or certificate, for example, all must be all the shadow eta replica rolex watches offer some taller, lack of a lot less, appearance of poor quality of the damaged or not have fault movement watches are selling price.

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