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Replica Rolex Explorer II series profile

Launched in 1971, the rolex replica watches oyster type motion Fake Explorer II wrist Ref. 1655, bring wristband technology breakthrough.Explorer II visible surface plate configuration, and Pointers for 24 hours, be the best partner of explorers and adventure of;It has become one of the major equipment gate-crashers celebrated polar explorers for many times, also has been volcanologist harlan?Towers, (Haroun Tazieff) by wearing, for they created a new exploration field.While internal capsule with Cal. 1575 automatic machine core, also is passed up to the observatory certification at the time machine series, precise and durable features is no doubt about it.

In 2011 when the wrist watch the 40th anniversary of imitation rolex watches launched the latest generation of oyster type motion Explorer II replica wrist Ref. 216570).Will watch case is one of the biggest change to 42 mm, is also the DeepSea Ref. After 116600, the second paragraph movement wrist watch case size.Internal carrying eta swiss replica watches latest research and development of Cal. 3187 automatic machine core, this a machine equipped with a number of patented technology, such as Paraflex suspension device and diamagnetic blue arachrom hairspring, guarantees wrist watch has not in some extent and reliability.24 hours on the face plate of pointer back to the 1971 classic orange Pointers and arrow design, 24 hours a day and the hour hand and the minute hand is once more spacious, more easy to read time;Can be adjusted independently short hour, can easily set the function of the first 2 area, far more than the first generation of the Replica Explorer II.In addition, the new Explorer II has black face plate design, build a mysterious "phantom" effect, at the same time make the luminous pointer on the face plate of lifelike, replica watches eta more three-dimensional shape, also is the classic model of a salute.


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